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​ The FBI highlights in their study of active shooter events from 2000-2013, “70 percent of the active shooter incidents occurred at a commercial business or an educational institute.”  Furthermore, the report states “consequently, a better understanding of the factors involved in these incidents is crucial to helping employers minimize the risks by improving safety, security and training.”
Here are some notable findings listed in the Holland & Knight Law article: (read the full article here )

“Active shooting tragedies during the study timeframe resulted in more than 1,000 casualties, excluding the shooters themselves.

The incidents with the highest casualty counts were:

·         Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Conn.: 29 casualties

·         Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas: 45 casualties

·         Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Va.: 49 casualties

·         Cinemark Century 16 Theatre, Aurora, Colo.: 70 casualties

The following are notable facts from the study:

·         In the vast majority of cases, the shooters were young males, acting alone. All but two of the incidents involved a single shooter; only six incidents involved a female shooter.

·         40 percent of the shooters committed suicide at the scene or shortly thereafter…

·         The shootings happened very quickly. Of those incidents in which duration could be ascertained, 69 percent ended in five minutes or less, and nearly half ended in two minutes or less.

·         60 percent of the incidents ended before police arrived.”
There were 345 mass shootings in 2017. Here are some highlights: Las Vegas (58 killed, more than 500 injured), First Baptist Church, Texas (26 killed), Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (5 killed, 8 wounded).  In 2016, Orlando Nightclub Shooting 2016 (49 killed, 53 injured), and in 2015 the San Bernardino shooting left 14 dead and 24 wounded.
You may not have a choice if you are targeted, however, you do have a choice on how you will prepare and train for one.
Why hire us? Our training dives deep into understanding the environment, your options, how to quickly formulate a plan, and most importantly understanding the human body under duress; all designed so you can respond better, safer, and faster.
Everyone can scramble for safety, hide, and fight…but are you running to a safe location, hiding effective while you establish a plan to fight, and if the time comes are you fighting to survive? 
We offer our training in two options:

1. Classroom learning

2. Classroom learning with custom designed scenario training wearing the Blauer Tactical Systems High Gear Suit™ to meet your business or organizational threats
Learn how to capitalize on your human instincts and manage your fear.  Decrease your chances of freezing and increase your chances of acting. 
Simple, executable plans, actions and training is what we provide to increase your chances of survival.
Contact us today to learn what we can do for your business or organization.

"Don't get caught thinking it will never happen to me because it if does you will be behind the power curve trying to figure out what is going on around you. Understand your body, understand your enviornment, under the threats and you will give yourself the greatest fighting chance of survival." - Ryan Finnegan, owner, Finnegan Security Solutions

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