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PDR Overview

The Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) course is based on the Blauer Tactical Systems PDR program and S.P.E.A.R. system™.  This behavioral based self-defense program is taught around the globe by affiliated PDR coaches.  The President/Founder of Blauer Tactical Systems, Tony Blauer, is one of the most sought out combative experts and has trained numerous agencies from U.S. Special Forces, Law Enforcement, SWAT teams, Martial Artist, Mixed Marital Artist, to private citizens around the globe.  The S.P.E.A.R. system is the only behavioral based program that has been reviewed, and endorsed for its effectiveness and sound physiological foundation, by doctors in three different countries. 

So why choose the PDR course over other self-defense programs? Most self-defense programs teach a variety of complex movements that are not realistic in an actual violent encounter.  How do I make this claim?  I study CCTV and dashboard camera videos. The result: the person being attacked goes into a primal, natural defense mode and there is usually nothing pretty or tactical about it.  

U.S. Army retired LtCol Dave Grossman lines out in his book On Combat: The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and in Peace, that the higher the heart rate elevates due to fear, stress and adrenaline, the quicker your fine and complex motor skills diminish. In short: when your heart rate spikes, you can't rely on movements that are complex in nature and requrie you to 1) remember the steps and movements to complete the move, and 2) have your self-defense training be so complex that you freeze because you are trying to remember what to do next. However, with the Blauer Tactical System PDR program, your movements are based on your bodies natural reaction to sudden movements and violence. Furthermore, you will learn and focus on the 3-5 seconds before the fight, not after it is started.   

That is why I chose to affiliate and teach the Blauer Tactical Systems S.P.E.A.R system™.  With over 36 years of research, test and development by Coach Blauer the S.P.E.A.R system™ is the most effective self-defense system available. The program is based on the body’s natural physiological and psychological reaction to fear and sudden aggression. Therefore, the program capitalized on your body is going to naturally do.  Furthermore, the PDR program focuses not only on movements, but how to detect and defuse a potential violent encounter.  Also, you will learn how to manage fear in many aspects of your life, therefore, increasing your inner confidence.  Why only work the defense piece if you can avoid it or defuse it?  

Are you trained in a martial art?  The S.P.E.A.R. system is an amazing bridge to get out of the initial ambush and to the style you train in.  

To learn more on Coach Blauer check out these articles: Policeone Know FearCalibre Press Blauer:Lessons from a Vicious Ambush or many articles and videos on the CrossFit Journal.

The lead PDR Coach at Finnegan Security Solutions is Ryan Finnegan.  Ryan has been a certified PDR Coach since February 2013, training over 120 adults and teens in the program.  Ryan also has a wide variety of training over the past 20 years to include: Marine Corps Close Combat Instructor, Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor (Green Belt), Non-Lethal Weapons, Pressure Point Control Tractics, Expandable Baton, OC/Pepper Spray and unarmed defensive tactics.

One key aspect of the training is that Ryan ensures that every participant walks away from the training with valuable skills that is pertinent to their life, job and personal concerns.  Also, he believes in showing each student what they are capable of doing, not what he is capable of doing as an instructor.  This is an important foundation in training: ultimatley, you are the one in the fight of your life so you need to be able to use the skills you learned.  
“The self-defense course Mayra took must have been great because she spent a good portion of the 3 ½ hour drive to the coast to tell me about it”

Lance- Mayra's husband, U.S. Air Force Veteran, Fitness Trainer
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