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     Teen Course Overview

The Teen Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) Course is designed around the Blauer Tactical Systems PDR and S.P.E.A.R. system, however, tailored to address the teenage needs, situation and threats.  

The Teen PDR course was created to: assist teens in effectively understanding instinct and intuition, vital awareness skills, how to detect and avoid a potentially bad situation, how to defuse a situation through non-violent postures and choice speech and if all else fails, how to defend themselves using the S.P.E.A.R. system.  When all else has failed, the teens learn the S.P.E.A.R. system in order to defend themselves.  These skills are effective for bully situation, confrontation management with other teens, and the defense against adults who intend to do harm.  The goal of the training is to get the teens out of danger and to safety, not how to box or stand and fight.  The "win" is getting to safety!  

Our training will significantly build self confidence in each and every student, not only to defend themselves but through tough situations in life. Ultimately, laying the foundation to strive and achieve great accomplishments in their life.

Don't allow your teen to try to figure this out themselves, or worse, teach them old, outdated, hand me down advice that seems effective, however, goes against the grain and puts them in more danger than good. 
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 “My entire family took a SPEAR System self-defense course from Ryan. His instruction was straight-forward, easy to grasp and apply and targeted my family situation. I have two daughters in college in another state and Ryan took the time to research the threat in the area and tailor the training accordingly.  He also worked with our hectic schedule to ensure we received the best instruction within our time constraints. I highly recommend this type training for our base personnel and Ryan clearly understands and can effectively teach the system.”
Todd C.- Colonel USAF (ret.), Edwards Air Force Base  
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