Teen Preparedness 101

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     Teen Preparedness 101

Is your teen properly prepared to make adult-like decisions when there is pure chaos going on around them?  

Whether an earthquake, fire, knock at the door, or someone attempting to break in your home; it only takes a mere minute for things to change from calm to disorder, and your teen needs to be armed with the knowledge on how to properly act in a safe and effective manner.    

That is what this class is specifically designed to do!

Our Teen Preparedness 101 course is a dynamic 90-minute class providing your teens with the tools, and education to properly plan and react to variety of situations. The training includes;

- How to establish an emergency action plan with all the pertinent information they need at their fingertips. 

- Direct actions to take in the event of a natural disaster (earthquake and fire)

- How to manage their fear

- How to safely handle a knock at the door

- Basic strikes designed to get them out of immediate danger. 

The time is NOW to invest in the safety of your teens.  Empower them to respond effectively, and efficiently during times of high stress and chaos. 

Can’t travel to a course? No worries we will travel to you in the comfort of your home (if desired).

Have a group of teens that you want to prepare for the future (church, girl/boy scouts, school, neighborhood friends, etc.)  Contact us about our group rate.

Do not wait, contact us today to get your training scheduled.  

"Absolutely loved the training! It made sense and wasn't complicated to remember. It doesn't require any prerequisite knowledge of self-defense techniques; anyone can do this. I certainly feel that I have some easy to remember options for a bad situation that I did not previously have. The training addressed a variety of different possible scenarios. I want my teenager to take this training. Thank you very much!"
                                                                              Dawn G.

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